Quality Control Trainer

Job Title: Quality Control Trainer
Working Time Zone: EST (Easter Time)
Work Location: Call Center
Reports To: President of the Company/Quality Assurance Division
Bilingual (minimum 2 languages)
Department: QA Management Division

Homeland Language Service is currently recruiting a Quality Assurance Specialist. HLS is recognized as one of the fastest-growing industry leaders in the Interpreting & Translation Services with a U.S.-based corporate office. To learn more about our company visit our website at www.homelandlanguageservices.com

We’re looking for individuals that are ready for a challenge, willing to jump in and be a team player and able to make a difference.

Purpose and Functions:  

Quality Assurance Analyst (QA) is responsible for analyzing and assessing the quality of the performance of our OPI call center associates who deal with our existing and potential customer.  The QA will monitor inbound and outbound call and emails responses to assess associates demeanor, technical accuracy, customer service performance, and conformity to company policies and procedures. This individual will assist in developing, creating and implementing call center quality processes and procedures; as well as making recommendation for enhancements to training materials as needed to enhance the overall OPI customer service experience.

The candidate Must be Fluency in one or more of the following languages: Chinese Cantonese, Chinese Mandarin, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Korean, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Haitian Creole, French, Japanese, Portuguese or Arabic is required (will be required to pass a verbal & written language skills assessment test)

Job Responsibilities:
  • Analyzes and measures the effectiveness of existing contact center processes and develops sustainable, repeatable and quantifiable process improvements.
  • Review weekly Metrics performance report by Call center, providing constructive feedback & recommendations to their supervisor through a “QA calibration” process.
  • Records and trends individual and department audit results on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annualized basis.
  • Performs root-cause analysis, identifying issues and trends. Provides feedback and assistance to management for developing resolution to the identified issues.
  • Clearly and concisely communicate quality assurance feedback to boost team performance
  • Develop individualized and group training programs that address specific business needs and target tangible results. This may include online training and live classroom type training.
  • Create Performance Improvement Plans PIP’s to facilitate improved performance among team members.
  • Work with contact center manager to design and incorporate reward systems, based on key performance indicators KPI.
  • Actively plan for succession by identifying and developing top performers for future employee development within the contact center
  • Provides Quality Monitor coaching regarding accuracy and effectiveness of their quality assignments, and conducts timely coaching sessions for improved performance.
  • Conducts call evaluations for escalated calls and when additional resources are needed to meet the weekly evaluation completion metric.
  • Identifies and documents any quality performance issues and escalates them to the Quality Department Management, as appropriate; and works with site Quality Operations Supervisor to perform corrective action.

*Must be able to work on an Eastern Standard Time on a regular basis.

Preferred Skill Experience
  • Must have demonstrated leadership skills and good communication, and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to perform independently with strong decision making and multi-tasking skills.
  • Excellent organizational, teamwork, and customer service skills.
  • Critical thinker with innovative problem-solving skills.
  • Strong computer software skills proficiency in MS Office (Excel Pivot tables, PowerPoint, Outlook) and related business and communication tools.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or a related field (essential).
  • MUST be familiar with data visualization, analysis with graph and metric reporting
  • A minimum of 2 years’ experience in training and related development management (essential).
  • Minimum 1 year working in and/or training, and monitoring call centers interpreters
  • Comprehensive knowledge of quality assurance and continuous improvement concepts, procedures, and processes.
  • Must be able to read and speak English clearly and professionally.
  • Ability to work in multi-task environment, with minimal supervision, prioritize and organize work.