Government Translation and Interpretation

Government Translation and Interpretation Services

Government has a responsibility to assemble, preserve, and publicize information. Such information needs to be accessible, faultless, timely, and sensitive. Government communications are devoted to the general public and must be written or spoken in a particular style for easy understanding. As such, translators and interpreters must convey the message to the audience so that all information is clear and accessible. More critically, if it is mishandled, it causes problems. In this regard, government clients, whether Municipality, County, State, Federal, or otherwise, present unique challenges and opportunities to provide translation and interpretation services. Therefore, language specialists should treat each document with attention to details, cultural sensitivity, and confidentiality. The overriding goal must be to provide strong communication between authorities and citizens.

25% of steady customers of Homeland Language Services are government structures. Our capabilities include translation of multimedia, electronic, and written material and interpretation of oral communication in English and other foreign languages. Moreover, we are working with captioning, video subtitling, web localization for intranet and internet, software, braille, documents, technical, medical, legal, and business papers. Interpretation competence includes but is not limited to voiceovers, telephonic, community, escort, consecutive, and simultaneous. We are aware of the confidential and culturally sensitive nature of government data. More essentially, keeping client’s information safe and secure is the main priority at Homeland Language Services. When our clients are using our over-the-phone interpretation services, we read out privacy notice in order to explain how we are handling personal and confidential information. Besides, our extensive training and certification programs focus on cultural sensitivity. The programs include such topics as bias and discrimination, cultural practices, competence, and mediation. Also, our interpreters are well-trained in the Code of Ethics of interpreters.

Furthermore, we understand the needs of government agencies. At Homeland Language Services, we balance the highest level of customer service with competitive rates, the most efficient technology, secure data for government translation and interpretation services. Our translation expertise includes public service announcements, websites, registrations, disclosures and benefits information, legal and court documents, community health forms, employee communications, proposals, military protocols, community meetings, immigration documents, notices and alerts, retirement information, and birth certificates.

Our linguists understand the importance of providing accurate government translation and interpretation services every time. We make sure that our translators and interpreters understand specific local and global needs to make the materials and communications accurate and culturally sensitive. Also, our specialists are familiar with the varying dialects in English and their native language. They are also trained in government regulations and know the procedures. You can be confident that your communications are precise and of the highest quality when working with Homeland Language Services interpreters and translators.

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