Covid-19 Support

“Ongoing COVID-19 health crisis gives a rise to join together all over the world. Coronavirus doesn’t distinguish between nationalities, races, sex, or material status. This is the time to remember that we are all people and we need to help each other when we can,” 

Christian Lanazca, (COO/Co-founder of Homeland Language Services)

                 We can help you to communicate about your pain, fear, and illness.

                     We can help you not to stay alone when nobody is near.

We can help you to save your life and health.


covid-19 support

Homeland Language Services provides language access to communication with individuals with whom there is a language barrier.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, free access to medical and social information can’t be understated. Considering that 70 million people in the USA speak a foreign language at home, interpretation services became much in demand. Homeland Language Services has a professional team of interpreters and translators who have the expertise and huge experience in healthcare, government, and social industries.

Nowadays, it is highly important to provide critical information in the native language for less English proficiency clients. That’s why we have a team of interpreting and translating specialists for more than 100 languages.

Delivering information accurately we recognize that we are making a contribution to reducing the spread of disease.

The first and the most vital information that our interpreters are helping with is about:

  • helping people who are or may have been exposed to Coronavirus to get tested and identify the symptoms,
  • letting people know that they had a risk of exposing to COVID-19 so they need to be attentive to their health,
  • informing people with confirmed diagnoses how to self-isolate or follow the medical prescriptions.

Homeland Language Services offers over-the-phone and video remote interpreting services for COVID-19 purposes. They are the easiest to access, the fastest to use, and the safest way to communicate. Having a big team, we provide 24 hours/day services. Our experts are working day and night for any emergency.

Experts from Homeland Language Services are always ready to assist you with:

During pandemic we help 24/7:

  • hospitals, emergency departments, urgent cares, clinics, 911 emergencies
  • pharmacies, health insurance, private practices, home health care, rehabilitation centers
  • government and social organization

We truly understand the importance of the services we are providing. Our language specialists are available for urgent remote interpreting services and healthcare translations. We offer simple, reliable, and safe solutions for our clients. Over-the-phone interpreters and video remote interpreting specialists can be accessed in a moment to assist healthcare providers, 911 emergency rooms, or government agencies.

We are always here to help.

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